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Faculty of Non-Liberal Arts: How educational programs dispersed in Russia are being revived in exile

May, 28 – An article by Kirill Buketov in The Insider (in Russian)
Russia is severing its last ties with European education: this year, due to the abandonment of the Bologna system, the concepts of bachelor and master degrees will disappear, and the most progressive Russian universities have faced powerful government pressure: the remnants of the independence of the Higher School of Economics have been destroyed, the faculties of liberal arts at RANEPA and St. Petersburg State University have been closed  for non-compliance with “traditional values” (the phrase Liberal Arts, obviously, arouses special suspicion among the authorities). As a result, university professors leave Russia and open independent projects abroad. For example, in the spring, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (FLAS), created by teachers who left Russia for political reasons, received accreditation in Montenegro. The Insider spoke with faculty members and other representatives of the academic community in exile about how and for whom Russian education in exile is being built.