Smolny Beyond Borders

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Garris Rogonyan

Ph.D. in Philosophy (St. Petersburg State University)

Initially, my main research topic was the philosophy of American neo-pragmatism, in particular the philosophy of language of Donald Davidson, W. V. O. Quine and Wilfrid Sellars. In 2021, the European University Press at St. Petersburg published my translation in Russian of Wilfrid Sellars’ classic essay “Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind” (with Study Guide by Robert Brandom). Recently, my research interests have been focused on the philosophy of John McDowell and the so-called “Pittsburgh School”. My articles have been published in journals such as “Epistemology and Philosophy of Science”, “Journal of Philosophy”, “Problemos”, “Horizon. Studies in Phenomenology”, and “Logos”. In 2024, I became a guest editor for a special issue of “Horizon. Studies in Phenomenology” dedicated to phenomenology and analytic philosophy.