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Negation in Kolmogorov's Calculus of Problems

As a part of the 6th edition of Logic World Day first proclaimed by UNESCO in 2019, on Monday, January 15, Andrei Rodin will give a talk on Negation in Kolmogorov’s Calculus of Problems. The zoom event is organized by the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) and starts at 13h CET. The full programme is available here.
In Spring semester 2024 Andrei Rodin is giving an undergraduate course on How Did Math Begin to Rule? which bears on historical and philosophical issues related to the allegedly “ureasonable” effectiveness of mathematics in sciences and technologies. The subscription is still open, so if you are curious and meet the eligibility criteria, please, don’t hesitate to apply! The language of instiruction is English; the studying in the Smolny Beyond Boarders programme is free of charge. For further details see the course page