Smolny Beyond Borders

A Liberal Arts Initiative

Digital Echoes: The Future Integrity of Archival Storage



Friday, 26, October 4:00 – 5:30 PM GMT+2

Join us for an enlightening public talk with Smolny Beyond Borders faculty / Gagarin fellow Andrei Rodin, as he delves into the uncertainties and challenges encompassing the durability of digital storages for archival purposes, a project funded by Maison de Sciences de l’Homme de Lorraine. In an era where digital archives form the backbone of historical, educational, and cultural repositories, Rodin’s discourse will navigate critical questions: Will future generations be able to access or trust the data stored today? What measures can ensure the integrity of information against the tides of technological advancements or potential manipulation?

This talk isn’t just about technology; it’s about the intertwining paths of societal norms, technological evolutions, and historical preservation. By bridging perspectives from computer science, social sciences, and historical epistemology, Rodin’s discussion aims to shed light on these looming concerns, exploring the technological and sociological landscapes that dictate the future reliability of our digital legacies. Whether you’re a digital native, an archival enthusiast, or simply curious about the digital footprints we leave for posterity, this talk will spark a crucial conversation about the data we entrust to the digital ether.

This is a hybrid event. In-person location is K24 Seminar Room 11 (Kuckhoffstraße 24, 13156 Berlin).
Online option will be hosted via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 951 0784 6486
Passcode: 608209