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Galina Rymbu

A poet and a modern poetry researcher

Rymbu was born in 1990 in Omsk (Siberia). She graduated from Gorky’s Literature Institute in Moscow. She studied at the master’s program of socio-political philosophy at the European University in St. Petersburg. Since 2018, Galina Rymbu has lived in Lviv (Ukraine).
Rymbu was an original creator and curator of a feminist educational literary project F-Writing (Ф-письмо), and also edited an online magazine of the same name. She curated Arkadyi Dragomoshchenko’s Poetry Prize (a prize for experimental Russophone poets under 27). She is a founder and editor of a Russophone micro-media on modern poetry DREAM (ГРЁЗА).
Galina Rymbu is a co-complier (together with Eugene Ostashevsky and Ansley Morse) of the first anthology of Russophone feminist poetry in English F-letter.
She taught creative writing, philosophy of writing, gender theory, and courses dedicated to researching feminist, ecopoetic, and video poetic literary practices in St. Petersburg School of New Cinema, School of Literary Practices (in Shaninka), Fem Writing Workshop Almaty, Learning Environment (Среда обучения), and a School of Art and Creative Industries.
Rymbu’s poems have been translated into more than 20 world languages, and her books have been published in Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, France, Norway, the US, Greece, Netherlands. Her selected poems were published in n+1, Granta, The White Review, Music & Literature, Asymptote, New Literary Review (Новое литературное обозрение), Air (Воздух), etc.
Galina Rymbu won the main prize of a literary festival Poetry Without Borders in Riga (Latvia) in 2017. Her book Life in Space was shortlisted for The Derek Walcott Prize in 2020. In 2019 she participated in the 50th International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam, which was dedicated to the topic of future.
List of Rymbu’s books published in Russian:
Ты — будущее (Центрифуга, 2020)
Жизнь в пространстве (Новое литературное обозрение, 2018)
Время земли (kntxt, 2018)
Передвижное пространство переворота (Арго-риск, 2014)
Books in English:
Live in Space (Ugly Duckling Press, After Hours LTD, 2020)
White Bread (After Hours LTD, 2016)