Smolny Beyond Borders

A Liberal Arts Initiative

Exploring History's Influence on Our Present: A Round Table Discussion

The war with Ukraine, unleashed by the Putin regime in February 2022, split Russian society and caused a boom in the widespread mobilization of history. The desire to understand the present with the help of the past, to understand the unknown by analogy with the known, is common both to those who are ready to justify this war and to those who strongly condemn it. But do they understand their belonging to history and their responsibility to it in the same way? How historical is our modernity and what place does Russia occupy in it?
These questions are proposed for discussion at a round table, which will be attended by experts in the field of political thought and intellectual history:
Ilya Budraitskis, University of California Berkeley; Alexander Dmitriev, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL); Anna Egorova, University of California Santa Cruz; Claudio Sergio Ingerflom, National University of General San Martin (UNSAM) of Buenos Aires; Ilya Kalinin, Humboldt University / Bard College Berlin; Nikolay Plotnikov, Ruhr University Bochum. Round table moderator – Andrey Oleynikov, Bielefeld University