Smolny Beyond Borders

A Liberal Arts Initiative

Religious Experience and Human Development


Dominique Townsend


Monday, September 11, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT/GMT-4

With Archie Magno, Naomi Miller ’23, and John Speers. Moderated by Dominique Townsend.

Three colleagues at Bard College, working in differing fields, have coincided in an interest in how religious practices and sensibilities influence the way people behave, think, and relate to one another in the course of their development. Archie Magno (Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Bard College), Naomi Miller ’23 (whose Senior Project compares varying forms of mysticism), and John Speers (author of Honest to God), have agreed to address common questions as they engage with one another and the audience to address this increasingly pressing topic.