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Ilya Kalinin Addresses Russian Liberals' Fear of Revolution and Delves into Ancient Culture

In a recent interview for Radio Liberty titled “Russian liberals have a fear of revolution” | Project of Sergey Medvedev” (in Russian), Ilya Kalinin highlighted the internal contradictions and latent imperial complexes characteristic of representatives of the Russian liberal consensus.

In addition to his astute political and cultural observations, Kalinin is preparing to guide students on an illuminating academic adventure with his forthcoming course, *Ancient Culture: Polis, Family, Personality*. This immersive study will guide learners through the pivotal eras of ancient civilization and culture, offering a fresh perspective on the humanities’ roots.

Course Highlights:
Dates & Timing: Mon & Wed, 4.10 – 5.30 PM (Berlin Time, UTC + 2)
Max Enrollment: 22
Distribution Area (Bard): Meaning, Being, Value
Core Module I (BCB): Greek Civilization
Language of Instruction: Russian

Venturing from gripping ancient narratives to thought-provoking philosophical treatises, the course aims to explore the multifaceted relationships between the individual, the polis, family, city, and the continuum of history. Key texts from luminaries such as Herodotus, Plutarch, Plato, and Augustine will be under the spotlight, revealing ancient insights on communal and individual identity.

For those captivated by the intricate dance of culture, politics, religion, and ethics, this course provides a unique vantage point to discern the underpinnings of identity construction through the prism of ancient thought.

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