Smolny Beyond Borders

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A History of the World since 1300

A history of the world since 1300_Apryshchenko_course_OSUN


Course Schedule:

Fall 2023 | Mon Wed 4:10 – 5:30 PM Berlin (UTC + 2)

Subject: HIST
Course Level: 200
Number of Bard Credits: 4
Course Title: A History of the World
Max Enrollment: 20
Schedule: Mon Wed 4.10 – 5.30 PM Berlin (UTC + 2)
Distribution Area: Historical Analysis
Cross-Listing(s): no
Language of Instruction: English

This course designed as part of Global History Lab supported by the Open Society University Network, as well as by University of Princeton (USA) and University of Cambridge (UK). It provides a way for students around the world to learn with peers around the world. The section for Bard and Smolny Beyond Borders students will focus on the role of empires in world history, from the great land empires of Eurasia, through the empires of trade in the Atlantic and Indian basins to the neo-imperialisms of the United States, Soviet Union, and Western Europe during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Histories of empires are also histories of resistance and contestation.  This course will also look at the historic roles of conquered peoples. Collaboratively, we will explore the historical imperial paths, often troubled and intermittent, between violence, integration, resistance and independence. Classes will be on zoom but some additional meetings with Bard students will be in person.