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Dissent! Politics, Justice, Dignity



Course Schedule:

Spring 2023 | Tue Thurs 1:30 PM – 2:50 PM EST

Semester: Spring 2023 | Monday, January 30 – Tuesday, May 23
Schedule: Tue Thurs 1.30 – 2.50 New York
Language of Instruction:
Course Prerequisites: English B2 / Equivalent or higher
Subject: PS2251 (Politics) | Cross-Listing(s): Global and International Studies; Human Rights
Distribution Area: Social Analysis
Max Enrollment: 20

Course Time Zone: Eastern Time (US/NY)
Professor’s Location and Time Zone: New York, USA

Why do citizens rebel? When is it legitimate to break the law? What makes resistance just? This course surveys modern theories of dissent and resistance. We will examine the characteristics, justifications, and limitations of major forms of resistance including decolonization and civil disobedience, and focus on liberal, republican, and radical perspectives on what makes such resistance necessary and just. We will also study how contemporary technological transformations have changed the forms and means of resistance and what we perceive as justice and injustice. Our goal is to acquire a historically grounded understanding of key concepts in discussions and justifications of dissent including political obligation, independence, conscience, dignity, civility, refusal, and violence/nonviolence, and learn to form connections between theoretical debates and our contemporary political dilemmas. In addition to textual resources, the course includes analysis of several movies and documentarwhichcluding Malcolm X (1992), The Square (2013), and Chi-raq (2015).

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