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Russian Emigrant as a Cultural Hero

Russian Emigrant as a Cultural Hero


Course Schedule:

January 17 – February 22, 2023 | Tue Wed 11:50 AM – 1:10 PM EST

Language of Instruction: Russian
Course Prerequisites: Russian B2 / Equivalent or higher
Subject: Literature
Credits: Non-credit bearing course
Attestation: SBB Project Certificate
Course Time Zone: Eastern Time (US/NY)
Professor’s Location and Time Zone: Itaka, US; Eastern Time (GMT – 5) 

Course Description
Russian Emigrant became the same cultural hero as a British colonel or German philosopher (to say nothing about the French lover or Latin dictator). The traditions and novations, the motives and invariants, the clichés and changes of emigration become awfully actual because now Russia exiles the new wave of political emigrants (not only political but moral and existential). It gives birth to a new generation of literature and sociology and leads us to the necessity of constructing a New Russia somewhere in the world – may be in this very audience.