Smolny Beyond Borders

A Liberal Arts Initiative

War and the Decay of the Language and #25 [Translit]: bol'she net slov


7 pm (UTC +3)

Wednesday, December 7

Smolny Beyond Borders invites on December 7 at 7 pm (UTC +3) to a joint online event with the magazine [Translit].

The selection of materials in the spring of 2022 for the 25th issue of Translit was morally, ethically and aesthetically challenging. The editors were facing  the task of fixing the disintegration of the language, wartime affects and poetic resistance with the growing impossibility of “saying directly” and “not saying directly”, with the severance of intercultural and institutional ties. 

Because of this, the composition of the issue reveals how the poetic machine of actual poetry stumbles over helplessness, but does not compensate for it with thematization or escapism. As part of the reading, we offer to listen to the texts of the authors and discuss whether other strategies are built on the ruins of the current context and what ways of interacting with the reader and traumatography of artistic speech are offered by poets while the situation is deteriorating every day. 

Pavel Arsenyev
Maxim Dryomov
Maria Zemlianova
Egor Zernov
Denis Larionov
Alexander Manuylov
Ramil Niyazov-Adiljyan
Ksenia Proodisvet
Anna Rodionova
Alice Roydman
Mikhail Sukhotin
Olia Zwe